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"This is the discipline of the future!", exclaimed Leena Jääskeläinen at the Finlandia Walk in Tampere in 1987. (Photo: Björn Holmberg).

Tuomo Jantunen is indisputably the key figure of the launch and development of Nordic Walking in Finland. He was the executive director of Suomen Latu for 30 years (1977-2007). (Photo: Suomen Latu / Markku Niskanen).

Leena Jääskeläinen with schoolgirls demonstrating "sauvakävely" at YLE TV1 program on Dec 13, 1987. (Screenshot from the TV program video, with the permission of YLE.)

Tiina Arrankoski and Tuomo Kettunen started the development of Modern Nordic Walking concept in 2005 and presented the idea of the three “pillars” of the discipline: posture, walking technique, and pole technique. (Photo: Askel International Oy).

In Modern Nordic Walking the use of poles should not change the body’s natural way of moving, nor disturb the movement pattern of normal walking, its coordination or rhythm – from afar they should look the same. (Photo: Askel International Oy)

The concept of Modern Nordic Walking applies the latest knowledge and results of studies on human fascial system and on the activation of spiral muscle chains during movement. (Photo: Askel International Oy).


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Statement from the ICNW in Finnish: ICNW ry:n JULKILAUSUMA 7.1.2019

Statement from the ICNW in Italian: Dichiarazione dell'ICNW del 7 gennaio 2019.

Statement from the ICNW in Spanish: Declaración del International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) 7.1.2019

Statement from the ICNW in Catalan: Declaració de l’International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) 7.1.2019

Statement from the ICNW in Slovak: Vyhlásenie Medzinárodnej rady nordic walking (International Council of Nordic Walking, v skratke ICNW).

January 7, 2019

Statement from the International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW):

Pole walking, Nordic Walking, Modern Nordic Walking: definitions, brief history, and development

(Translation of this Statement in Finnish, in Italian, in Spanish, in Catalan, in Slovak.)