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Respecting the past, working for the future!

International Council of

Nordic Walking

A scientific organization to boost Nordic Walking

research, education and overall development worldwide


ICNW closely monitors the general international research activities in sports science and sports medicine, as well as the specific researches on Nordic Walking / pole walking. ICNW also actively participates in various research projects.

The aim to is apply as quickly as possible the latest scientific research results relevant to the discipline to Modern Nordic Walking education and teaching.

Scientific research on Nordic Walking

Hundreds of scientific research articles on Nordic Walking / pole walking have been published during the last 20 years all over the world. To search and to read them, keywords like "nordic walking", "pole walking" and "nordic pole walking", or even "trekking", can be used on databases like Medline (Pubmed), Cochrane (Cochrane Library) and the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro).


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To see more studies and articles, use (for example) the words "nordic walking", "pole walking" and "nordic pole walking", or even "trekking", when searching on databases like Medline (Pubmed), Cochrane (Cochrane Library) and the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro).

Mika Venojärvi (PhD, Adjunct Professor, Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland), is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of ICNW. He has participated in various Nordic Walking research projects.