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An important Statement published by ICNW: Pole walking - Nordic Walking - Modern Nordic Walking: Definitions, a brief history, and the development of the discipline.



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ICNW Press release, January 8, 2019

Statement from the International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW): Pole walking - Nordic Walking - Modern Nordic Walking: Definitions, a brief history, and the development of the discipline.

ICNW, the international scientific organization of Nordic Walking, has published on January 7, 2019, a significant statement that clarifies the meanings of different terms used within the Nordic Walking community and presents the history and development of the discipline according to existing documents.

“It was really necessary to define the terms included in the statement: those words have been in use for some time, but often misinterpreted, because they have never been properly defined. Not only in Finnish but also in other languages, for example English. The confusion surrounding these terms has considerably impeded Nordic Walking research and education, therefore defining and publishing the terms through an international scientific organization will be a major step forward,” says Tiina Arrankoski, Chairwoman of the ICNW.

“Another important point in the statement from the ICNW, is that over the years Nordic Walking has evolved and has been purposefully developed, consistent with the latest research results on the human body and its biomechanics, to meet the physical and health-related goals and challenges of modern society and individuals,” continues Arrankoski.

”This development work has been done mostly by Finnish experts and the end result is the concept of Modern Nordic Walking.”

”ICNW, together with its international experts and advisory boards, is now responsible for the continuous development of the Modern Nordic Walking concept. For several years we have already organized educational courses on this “updated Nordic Walking” all over the world. Now we are striving to further enhance our operations.”

”The most visible change to the technique is that the posture is significantly more upright, similar to normal walking posture. During movement the back remains in an optimal position, where the load on the body is evenly distributed and the spiral muscle chains activated, enabling the spine to rotate in a safe manner reducing strain on the intervertebral discs. The latest studies on the topic encourage an upright posture while walking, with the vertical muscle chains parallel to the spine more relaxed. In a forward  leaning position the muscle chains will be overactive, adding  strain on the spine, and preventing other muscles, such as the abdominals, from functioning optimally. This change in the technique encouraging proper posture is particularly important in maintaining a healthy back. Based on scientific research we can say with complete confidence that Modern Nordic Walking promotes a healthy back.”

“There are many other improvements to the technique but in conclusion, we can say that Modern Nordic Walking, when observed from a distance, does not differ, in terms of movement and posture from normal walking without poles. Therefore, all characteristics of the proper normal walking technique are also included in Modern Nordic Walking,” states Arrankoski.

Read: Statement from the International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW), January 7, 2019.

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This press release in Finnish: ICNW ry:n Tiedote 8.1.2019

This press release in Italian: ICNW Comunicato stampa 8/1/2019

This press release in Spanish: Comunicado de prensa de ICNW, 8 de enero de 2019

This press release in Catalan: Comunicat de premsa de l’ICNW, 8 de gener de 2019

Statement from the ICNW in Finnish: ICNW ry:n JULKILAUSUMA 7.1.2019

Statement from the ICNW in Italian: Dichiarazione dell'International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) il 7/1/2019.

Statement from the ICNW in Spanish: Declaración del International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) 7.1.2019

Statement from the ICNW in Catalan: Declaració de l’International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) 7.1.2019