What is Modern Nordic Walking? See the new, lively presentation video:


Video: "Greetings to the community of Modern Nordic Walking!"


An important Statement published by ICNW: Pole walking - Nordic Walking - Modern Nordic Walking: Definitions, a brief history, and the development of the discipline.



The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Nordic Walking in Finland, August 4-6, 2017. The summary of the historical International Nordic Walking Congress and the official video of the whole event:

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Respecting the past, working for the future!

International Council of

Nordic Walking

A scientific organization to boost Nordic Walking

research, education and overall development worldwide

USA Modern Nordic Walking Academy founded!

The Modern Nordic Walking concept will be officially launched in the USA during the year 2024! The USA Modern Nordic Walking Academy has already been founded and its activities have started in February 2024.

The Academy, based in Florida, is run by two expert Modern Nordic Walking Coaches: Adrian Kasper (the President of the Academy) and Lucia Okolicanyova (the Vice President), who have a long experience on the field.

Read more: usamnwa.com

Video "Greetings to the community of Modern Nordic Walking!"

International, national and local Modern Nordic Walking Academies and organisations send their greetings!

What is Modern Nordic Walking?

See the new, different, lively presentation video here!

International Modern Nordic Walking  Meeting 2023 in Todi, Italy.

The International Modern Nordic Walking Meeting 2023 was organised in Todi, in Umbria region, the "green heart of Italy", from 30 September to 1 October. The event programme included topics from medicine to biomechanics – including lectures and workshops by leading Modern Nordic Walking Coaches, like Tiina Arrankoski (FIN, ICNW Chairwoman, MNW International Coach), Lucia Okolicanyova (SVK, MNW Coach), Michela Colagiovanni (ITA, MNW Coach) and Silvia Talana (ITA, MNW Coach). Read more...