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An important Statement published by ICNW: Pole walking - Nordic Walking - Modern Nordic Walking: Definitions, a brief history, and the development of the discipline.



The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Nordic Walking in Finland, August 4-6, 2017. The summary of the historical International Nordic Walking Congress and the official video of the whole event:

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Respecting the past, working for the future!

International Council of

Nordic Walking

A scientific organization to boost Nordic Walking

research, education and overall development worldwide

Modern Nordic Walking education

The International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) is responsible for the international educational courses of Modern Nordic Walking, in collaboration with the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy, an international professional organisation for instructors, teachers and coaches of this discipline.

ICNW and the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy are in close cooperation with each other and are active, with the assistance of their committees and international expert groups, Scientific Advisory Boards and Educational Advisory Boards, to continuously development their educational materials and activities. Particular attention is paid to applying as quickly as possible the latest scientific research results relevant to the discipline to Modern Nordic Walking education and teaching.

ICNW’s head coaches are Tiina Arrankoski and Tuomo Kettunen (FIN), both International Coaches of Modern Nordic Walking with more than 20 years of experience of teaching Nordic Walking. They have trained instructors, teachers and coaches for more than 30 countries, the last 15 years using the Modern Nordic Walking concept.

Arrankoski and Kettunen have given also university courses at the Faculties of Physical Education of the Universities of Verona, Padua and Bologna in Italy, and in Finland at the University of Eastern Finland. They have also written the book "Modern Nordic Walking".

ICNW and the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy offer Modern Nordic Walking Trainer, Master Trainer, Coach and International Coach courses for sports and healthcare professionals all over the world in English, locally also in several other languages.

What is Modern Nordic Walking, what are its principles and goals? Read the ICNW Statement of January 7, 2019.

For more information, please contact ICNW Office: info@nordicwalkingcouncil.com

Modern Nordic Walking International Coaches Tiina Arrankoski and Tuomo Kettunen are the head coaches of ICNW.