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Uutta tutkimustietoa sauvakävelyn terveysvaikutuksista. Arvostetussa European Journal of Sport Science -lehdessä julkaistiin vastikään...  

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Kooste ja video Nordic Walking 20 vuotta -juhlatapahtumasta ja -kongressista.

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9th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain in Singapore, October 31 – November 03, 2016.

Personal report made by Tiina Arrankoski

Some of the most interesting Workshops:

Workshop on 'Low back, Pelvic girdle and Optimal breathing' by Jouko Heiskanen, Tuulia Luomala and Mika Pihlman:

Workshop on 'Evidence based Mind-Body and Movement exercises to improve the function and well being of the lower back' by Eric Franklin

Workshop on 'Understanding Pelvic Girdle Pain: An evidence based course on Clinical Anatomy, Biomechanics and effective Rehabilitation' by Andry Vleeming

Most interesting lectures of the Main sessions:

Anatomy and biomechanichs: Evidence on motor control in diagnostics and training, moderators: Andry Vleeming and Jaap van Dieen

- Jaap van Dieën: Low-back and trunk stabilization

- Diane Lee: Diastasis rectus abdominis - Should we open or close the gap?

State-of-art in motor control: Now and the future, moderators: Paul Hodges, Jaap van Dieen, Jacek Cholewicki

- Paul Hodges: Biological plasticity and motor control: The impact of modified biology from muscle to the immune


Connecting tissues: The role of fascia in lumbopelvic pain and stability, moderators: Robert Schleip and Carla Stecco

- Carla Stecco: Role of fascia in non-specific low back pain

- Robert Schleip: Role of fascial contractility and fascial nociception in low back pain

- Jan Wilke: Myofascial chains revisited - Review of several suggested force transmission lines from evidence

   oriented perspective and with special focus on stability

Too much sitting causes back pain!

Singapore skyline

Nordic Walking with Celia Lim and Shu Moo Chuen at the Singapore Bothanic Gardens.

2016 WLBP Congress - more than 100 lecturers and about 700  participants.

The Finnish MyFascia Team with Andry Vleeming, PhD with speciality in anatomy, biomechanics and radiology of the human pelvis and spine and author of 15 books on the musculoskeletal system.

Gala dinner in company of Eric Franklin, a dancer, movement educator, university lecturer and successful author.

Mika Pihlman, Pirre Lammi, Carla Stecco, the author of 'Functional Atlas of Human Fascial Sysytem' and Tuulia Luomala. A moment dedicated to Spiral Stabilization and fascial movement.

Among the most valued lecturers: Paul Hodges and Jaap van Dieën.

Singapore by Night: Impressive Super Tree Gardens and Marina Bay Sands hotel and congress centre.