An important Statement published by ICNW: Pole walking - Nordic Walking - Modern Nordic Walking: Definitions, a brief history, and the development of the discipline.



Research news: More scientific evidence of the positive health effects of Nordic Walking in a study conducted by researchers from Finland, Sweden and USA.



The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Nordic Walking in Finland, August 4-6, 2017. The summary of the historical International Nordic Walking Congress and the official video of the whole event:

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Books recommended by ICNW - latest publications

A Practical Guide to Fascial Manipulation, 1st Edition

Tuulia Luomala & Mika Pihlman, 2016, 232 pages

Grounded in scientific and clinical evidence, this highly illustrated new guide gives an introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders using the Fascial Manipulation (FM) method developed by Luigi Stecco - the foremost scientifically valid method of evaluating and treating fascial dysfunction. It describes FM’s history, anatomy and physiology of fasciae, indications and contraindications, mechanisms of action, and details of the subjective and physical techniques used to manage disorders.

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Faskia – terapian ja liikkeen näkökulmasta (In Finnish)

Tuulia Luomala & Mika Pihlman, 2016, 305 pages

The book "Faskia – terapian ja liikkeen näkökulmasta" written by the internationally renowned physiotherapists Tuulia Luomala and Mika Pihlman is the first one carried out with "Finnish forces" on the world of fascia and its significance.

Clearly illustrated and enthusiastically written 305-page book describes and explains the anatomy and physiology of fascia based on the latest evidence-based data and the authors' strong practical experience. The book also includes a comprehensive range of care-extracts, treatment methods and physical exercises with a special attention in maintaining and improving the health and functionality of fascial tissue. Among these latter there are also Spiral Stabilization exercises as well as the Modern Nordic Walking.

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Muscle Chains (In English)

Richard Smisek et al. 2016, 238 pages

The 3rd book of Dr. Richard Smisek on Spiral Stabilization (SPS), the method he has developed during the last 30 years. His therapy is becoming more and more popular, not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

This new book presents plenty of SPS method's movement and manual therapy exercises - with some clinical pictures of their effects - and detailed information concerning:

- herniation of an intervertebral disc in the lumbar region

- examples of the successful treatment of herniated disc

- examination of the muscles at rest and in motion

- muscles with a tendency to tension and shortening in the vertical muscle


- muscles with a tendency to weakening, spiral muscle chains

- principles of muscle relaxation

- complications following an operation on an intervertebral disc

- eliminating a disorder of spiral stabilization

- parameters for measuring the extend and coordination of movement

Modern Nordic Walking (Book available in Finnish and in Italian)

Tiina Arrankoski & Tuomo Kettunen, 2013, 160 pages

The first ever book of Modern Nordic Walking! With 160 pages and more than 250 photos this book presents the Modern Nordic Walking in a complete and detailed way: the characteristics, effects, technique, applications to various conditions and age groups - and much, much more. Soon available also in English.

This book presents the concept of Modern Nordic Walking, how it is nowadays taught by physical education, fitness and healthcare professionals, paying a particular attention to walking technique, posture and body control.


Earlier publications:

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